Vivian Triantafyllopoulou


Banner Photo by Valeria Famularo

Ego Mas

An international collaboration between Vivian Triantafyllopoulou's dance company based in London with the Athens based band Sevengill.

A choreography that explores motivation by observing human relationships. Where and how we find motivation and the power to move fowards - alone or with others. What makes us want to wake up every the morning and how can we influence each other? A unique meeting of talented dancers from London and the live music of the Greek post metal band that sparks a dance collaboration with a genre of music that we are not used to.

Community Project: The night will be opened by the community piece ‘Greener Grass’, performed by community participants and exploring the idea that we think the grass is always greener on the other side, and the sky more blue somewhere else. Bringing together concept of home, migration, friendship,Europe and travelling..

Please note: performance contains loud music
The performance will be followed by a Q&A


Uk premiere
Saturday 16th May 2020, 20:00 , John Lyons Theatre, 1-10 Keeley St, Holborn, London,WC2B 4BA
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Wednesday 8th July 2020, Zante Dance Festival, Greece
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Three dancers moving together